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Hotel Swimming Pool

Outdoor Design

Creative exterior spaces that inspire outdoor living

Type of Outdoor Designs We Offer

Modern style pool villa
Hotel Resort at Sunrise


Expand your life outside. Contemporary living demands beauty in function and intentionality. We create modern outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with your home.



Simplicity and purpose are central to modern exterior design. Present your clients with a memorable experience of high-concept spaces and elevated outdoor elements.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently building / renovating, when is the best time to start the design process for the garden?

As early as possible. We work in conjunction with builders and architects to ensure both the design and delivery are cohesive. If you are wishing to have a pool installed it is critical in having that planned early on. This will help to eliminate as many design and construct constraints as possible.

What is your process from when we make contact through to project completion?

Discover Interior can help with all stages of the design and construct journey, from initial concepts through to garden installation.
.::  Initial Consultation & Preparation of Concept
.:: Concept Design &  Documentation (Establish Project Budget)
.:: Council Approval (if required)
.:: Detail Design Development & Documentation (where required)
.:: Management of the Landscape Construct & Project Scheduling
.:: Project Completion and Handover

Will you provide us with a hard copy of the design to review and discuss?

Yes we provide full colour plans, scaled for you to review and keep. We will go through these in detail with you. We can also provide 3D renders and visualisations if required.

What sort of timeframe are we looking at from the consultation phase to final design?

Contact Discover Interior directly to attain current timeframes. Designs can be pending whether you have base plans, accurate site surveys, common building plans and or whether we need to measure up your site.

Do you design for both residential properties as well as commercial?

Yes, we do both

What are some good things to consider before project initiation?

Start thinking about who and how you will be using your garden, your long-term plan (ie. forever home vs potential sale in 5 years), your style, landscape elements that you’d love to incorporate – needs & wants. Consider areas requiring privacy, vs views that need accentuating.

Pinterest boards and inspirational images are helpful to defining the design brief, including layout options and material palettes, and start gathering any site and building plans which will be used as a base for the landscape plans to work off.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

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